Wezarp Library helps engineers for remote monitoring of Automated Test Equipment




Wezarp Library allows a software application (C#, ANSI C, C++, Visual Basic .NET, Java, LabWindows/CVI...) to be controlled by a remote device such as a tablet, smartphone, or remote computer. This can provide significant benefits for automated test applications, including saving operator time and providing greater visibility into test results. While a dedicated client/server architecture for remote monitoring may be complicated and costly to develop in house, Wezarp provides a turn-key solution that accomplishes these goals.

Operator time is a very valuable asset on the production test floor. Because of the physical size of some automated test equipment (ATE) or even the device under test (DUT), it may be difficult for the operator to have access to the DUT as a test is running. For some test steps, DUT adjustments may need to be made and the operator will need to move between the HMI for the ATE and the DUT itself. Additionally, the operator may need to be moving between multiple test stations as tests are running. Providing a remote interface that can be accessed on a portable tablet or smartphone allows operators to use their time most efficiently to keep tests running.

In addition to saving operator time, Wezarp makes it possible for engineers and supervisors to keep tabs on tests without needing physical proximity to the individual test stations. This can allow faults to be discovered and corrected more quickly, increasing test throughput and lowering operational cost. Through a remote solution, it is easier to quickly switch between equipment that is being monitored, allowing for deeper insights to be discovered about ways that automated test processes could be improved.

All of this is accomplished through a simple solution that Wezarp technology provides. Only two functions, Wezarp_Start and Wezarp_Exit, are needed to integrate Wezarp into an existing software application.




After installing the Wezarp Client app to your remote device, you are ready to start remotely monitoring your testers. The Wezarp Client is available for iOS, Android and Windows, providing flexibility for the hardware that is most convenient for the user. 




In the app, the only configuration step that is needed is to identify the server IP address, after which Wezarp will automatically connect to the application. It’s that easy! 




Wezarp is not just another remote desktop solution. There are two important distinctions that provide unique advantages. One distinction is that the Wezarp client only connects to software that has the Wezarp server running in it through the Wezarp_Start and Wezarp_Exit commands. This allows developers to have explicit control over what functionality the remote user has access to. Additionally, unlike some remote desktop solutions, Wezarp runs within your network domain and does not require an outside internet connection to function correctly. This provides additional application security by not potentially exposing your testers to the web.

Are you ready to take advantage of these benefits for remote monitoring in your automated test application?

Make your software application Wezarp compliant!


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