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During NIWeek 2015, in Austin, Texas, we announced two new products: Wezarp Library (DLL and .NET DLL) and Wezarp Client for Android.

Wezarp technology proposes an easy remote solution with no additional development to control or monitor a software application from a tablet, a smartphone or a desktop. It is multi-client, multi-server and multi-window with no limitation of graphical user interface design.

Wezarp Library is composed of a DLL and .NET DLL to insert into any source code for various Integrated Development Environments based on C#, C++, Visual Basic .NET, ANSI C, Java, LabWindows™/CVI software, WINDEV…

Wezarp Client for Android now completes the range of our Wezarp client apps by supporting Android devices. This app allows the control of any software application that embeds Wezarp technology.

Wezarp Client for Android is free of charge and available very soon on the Wezarp website and soon on Google play.

Press Release Wezarp Library: Click here

Press Release Wezarp Client for Android: Click here



Wezarp LibraryWezarp Client for Android

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